Dr Seah Pong Pin

Consultant Dermatologist and Physician



DR SEAH PONG PIN ® SKINCARE was founded with the aim of providing a skincare range that is gentle, safe and effective. The desired result would be a Splendid, Glowing and Rejuvenated appearance for the consumer.

As a Consultant Dermatologist and Physician (MBBS, MRCP, PhD), Dr Seah along with his son, James wanted a Cosmeceutical range that was suitable to be used by the public and also safe to be used on a regular basis. These would be different from Pharmaceutical products which had to be prescribed under the strict supervision and care of a doctor as well as intended for a limited period of time.

DR SEAH PONG PIN ® SKINCARE is the materialisation of Dr Seah’s dream and enduring legacy. More importantly, it represents what Dr Seah stands for : The selfless LOVE, CARE and CONCERN for his patients. We hope you enjoy our products with this in mind.